The One Line

In this age of online, we often forget the beauty of one line.
In this age of high rise, we can barely see the beauty of the skies.
In this age of fuss, we forget all about the origin of us.
So this time, in this rhyme,
I asked – if you could take some and present a sum
Of the world, of all that stars hold,
Of the sky which you want to earn, what have you been able to learn?
One would whine – it can only be a line;
If I may, I ask – what would you say?
“I am more than that base lust, I am star dust”
“I marvel at a shooting star, it brings me back to who we are”
“Its okay go supernova in a rut, even the stars collect themselves back after blasting more than a gut.”
“My body may be in the finite, my mind indefinite, but there is always hope as I am infinite.”
“What breaks melancholy myopic sight is the star gazers’ delight and the child’s joy that thinks that the wild-moon is a toy.”
“If I could see the star system in a pond, maybe I am tiny too, (and so are my worries,) some parsecs beyond.”
“Every time the night feels lonely and cold, gaze at the stars and imagine what they behold.”
“Don’t take the small stars lightly thinking the matter ain’t got mass – remember that one day, you too shall pass.”
Well down to me, what can I say beyond eternity?
“If I had just one line, I couldn’t, but that one-line = one verse =universe.”

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