Walk in the Universe

With the Big Bang, happened the Universe’s birth, Then came the concept of time, space, and Earth. In the Universe scattered here and there are many galaxies Within which is our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Here we have 8 planets, orbiting the brightest star the” SUN”. But amongst all the planet, life exist just in one! Its our own planet “Earth”, containing air, land and water, Which we all are living being in “HER” must care and share.

A rocket is the best way to travel to the space, Where all the space agencies have started their race. They all are sending spacecraft and satellites into the space, To learn the unknown facts, data and bring them back to base. I dream to know the vast, expanding, and unknown Universe, One Day I Wish to take a space – walk, in the Universe.

– Hridhaan Ganguly

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